Thursday, February 16, 2017

1.  Is there a difference in reaction time between using your fingers and your arms to catch the ruler?
Ans. It is obvious that fingers and arms catch the ruler differently in fall distance.
a)  why or why not?
Ans. This is because the signal takes different period of time from brain to different organs, the muscle of finger responses slower than the muscle of arm.
b)  if there is no difference, how close together are the numbers?

2)  What do you think would happen to the reaction time, if you said the word monkey and then, dropped the ruler?
Ans. Giving an attention to say the word monkey, I would lose a concentration to the ruler drop, taking longer time to catch the ruler.
3)  what would be the difference in reaction time, if the person was saying the alphabet and you dropped the ruler?
Ans. Reciting the alphabet takes more greater concentration than saying the word of monkey, so I would take longer time than catching the ruler while saying the word of monkey.
4.  What is the different sensitivities of the forefinger, arm, and nape of neck?
Ans. The response of nape of neck is slower the forefinger and arm.

plant graft lab

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ice cream Lab

prepare the big  container full with an ice then, take the milk in the lock bag, than take that milk bag in container, shake it for long time
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Thursday, November 24, 2016


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Start after 4 minute
1min 5  degree celcius
2min 11  degree celcius
3min 15     degree celcius
4m  21  degree celcius
5m  28.5  degree celcius

6m  35.5  degree celcius

7m   42  degree celcius

8m    49.5  degree celcius

9m    56  degree celcius

10m   61.5  degree celcius

11m   68  degree celcius

12m    74  degree celcius

13m    79  degree celcius

14m    84  degree celcius

15m   86.5  degree celcius

16m   87.5  degree celcius

17m  89  degree celcius

18m  91  degree celcius

19m  92  degree celcius

20m  93  degree celcius

with 10 grams of Salt
Start 17
1m  22.5  degree celcius

2m   35  degree celcius

3m   44  degree celcius

4m   52  degree celcius

5m   59  degree celcius

6m   65.5  degree celcius

7m     73  degree celcius

8m    78  degree celcius

9m     86  degree celcius

10m   91  degree celcius

11m   94.5  degree celcius

12m   95  degree celcius

The water with salt can protect the cold out.